Out from one Rabbit Hole, Down Another!



I first started collecting customs knives last January.  I had spent most of 2013 obsessed flashlights – especially big ones!  The more throw the better!  Since launching E2 I had offered both Kershaw and Zero Tolerance knives for sale but I had not jumped into them as a personal hobby.   The sum total of my collection was a couple of Spyderco’s and a few other odds ands ends i.e. multi tools, an SAK and a BM Mini Stryker Auto I bought in high school.  Not so coincidently  a few months prior I also I started  reading/sponsoring Everyday Commentary and I had dived into Tony’s articles and reviews becoming more and more interested in the custom knife world .   I decided to track down what I considered the best four knives in my price range: CRK Small 21, TAD Dauntless MK3, Strider PT and a Hinderer XM18 3″.

My first score was the Small 21.  Soon after followed the MK3 and Strider PT.  I bought the 21 direct and tracked down the MK3 and PT via USN and Facebook.  The XM purchase had been routed via a military friend but ultimately fell through.  (I have since purchased and sold several)  With these knives as my jumping off point, I have had the pleasure of owning and handling dozens of custom and mid-tech knives with my tastes and preferences evolving with each new knife.

While much of what I have purchased became store inventory my personal collection currently included the above pictured Burnley Squids, a Todd Rexford Mini Epicenter, an MK4 Dauntless, 2 Tim Curry Cohorts and an ADV Mini Butcher.  The fun questions really is, what will my collection look like in six months?


Welcome 2015! The E2 Field Gear Blog Returns!


Many months ago, my original blog was hacked and all the content was lost. Unfortunately, rebuilding it had to be delayed due to the pressing need of some other personal projects i.e. moving and getting married.  E2 Field Gear is a one man operation making it hard to focus on everything that needs attention.  But 2015 is a new year and I hope to be posting here regularly going forward.  I plan to feature new product launches, custom knife listings and some fun contests and give-a-ways too.  Be sure to check out my Instagram feed (edcmike) too.

Featured Knife:  Tashi Bharucha/Thierry Savidan Collaboration: The Overdrive plus bonus Batarang.